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Experience Erie with Teachers Who Tutor

Experience Erie with Teachers Who Tutor


Today on Experience Erie we are ‘Learning’ all about Teachers who Tutor! I think a lot of us can relate to the stress of sitting at the kitchen table and becoming frustrated with an assignment in grade school. Teachers Who Tutor is here to help with just that!

Teachers Who Tutor is owned by Lauren Griffith and Brittany McKinsey who opened in 2018 with the hope to help tutor students in the summer. They quickly realized the need to expand into the community and offer year-round tutoring. They now have more than 40 tutors who are all certified teachers! They are able to help find the perfect tutor for your student.

They really understand the benefits of one on one teaching and helping take the pressure off parents and the strain of relationships it can put on parents and students when trying to take on at-home learning. They can help students in all grades, K-12 with homework assignments, along with SAT testing, organizational skills, time management, and managing focus.


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