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Heartwarming Testimonial By Aria Pickett

Heartwarming Testimonial By Aria Pickett


This is WHY I love what I do! I’m blown away by this heartwarming testimonial by the lovely young lady, Aria Pickett. I’m so grateful to hear Aria reflect on her honest opinion, findings, and belief in the positive experience she and her family had interacting with me and my team.

Aria is a senior at Erie High School and a young Erie entrepreneur. In the video, you will see that she is a newly published children’s book illustrator. You can help her business grow by purchasing the book, Be You, Brutus! This book teaches children to be comfortable with themselves and “the best at being me.”

Thank You, Aria and the Erie community, for your continual referrals, testimonials, and support. My business wouldn’t be what it is today without you and your caring hearts.


Link to purchase book…/be-you-brutus…