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Experience Erie with Wurth Chiropractic

Experience Erie with Wurth Chiropractic


Hey Erie! This week we take a look at Wurth Chiropractic. Wurth Chiropractic is patient-centered, evidence-informed chiropractic care, owned by Zach Wurth and Bynn Lay, who met at Palmer College at orientation. They came to Erie and immediately felt the small, midwest town feel. The close, tight-knit community really drew them here and they knew it was the perfect place to open up their clinic. What feels unique about Wurth Chiropractic is the warm, large, decorated space the clinic has. It feels welcoming and comfortable, almost like a coffee shop, as opposed to walking into a sterile, white, health facility. Wurth Chiropractic is more than just an adjustment, they tailor each treatment specifically for you and your condition. We think you will love Wurth Chiropractic! Zach and Brynn are not only experienced and knowledgeable…they are genuine people, who truly care about their patients and the Erie Community! Go check them out!


615 Briggs St Suite B, Erie, CO 80516

Phone: (720) 484-5677