Beauty Experience Erie with Restore Hyper Wellness We recently visited Restore Hyper Wellness in Erie and were thoroughly impressed with their range of wellness services!🤯 At Restore Hyper Wellness, their goal is to help you feel your best so you can do more of what you love. Their services include cryotherapy, red light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, cryotoning, cryofacials, and more. Each of […]
Erie Businesses Experience Erie with Lottie Lane   Experience Erie with Lottie Lane Today we meet with Lindsay Watne, owner of Lottie Lane here in Erie, Colorado. Lindsay has a background in real estate, with over 12 years of experience in the Denver market. Now, her love of all things home has evolved into the creation of Lottie Lane, an adorable home […]
Erie Businesses Experience Erie’s Strive Direct Health Experience Erie’s Strive Direct Health   Today on Experience Erie we visit with Dr. Brad Brown and Dr. Schuster of Strive Direct Health. They are an innovative and affordable primary health clinic in Erie, Colorado – the only one of its kind. For a flat rate, they provide monthly memberships that give their patients unrestricted […]
Erie Businesses Experience Erie’s Mom HoCo   Experience Erie’s Mom HoCo   Today we boogie over to Erie’s Mom HoCo, a newly started and already beloved annual fundraising event. Its goal is to gather women, celebrate, and give back to the community all at once.   This year’s Mom HoCo was a huge success! The theme was 1950’s Greased Lightning. Women […]
Beauty Experience Erie with Lucky Face Skincare Today on Experience Erie we visit with Debra McCloskey, owner of Lucky Face Skincare in Erie, Colorado. At Lucky Face, they specialize in facials, chemical peels, waxing, tinting, and even lymphatic draining. They offer a natural, holistic approach to skincare and work with all skin types and age groups.   Debra has been a licensed […]
Beauty Experience Erie with Flower Wild Today we are so excited to feature Flower Wild, an eclectic bohemian boutique owned by the amazing Kim Davis! Kim was inspired to create a unique and comfortable space for one to slip away from the heaviness that life can bring and fill it rather with beautiful and light clothing, accessories, and candles. This ever-growing […]
Beauty Joyful Spirit Skin Care Joyful Spirit Skin Care   Today we are stepping into Joyful Spirit Skin Care. Owner and esthetician, Janette Elder believes beautiful skin belongs to everyone. You’ll lay down on her table and feel relaxed and comfortable and leave feeling renewed and glowing! Everyone deserves some self-care, and to feel their absolute best, so check out […]
Erie Businesses Experience Golden Ember Salon Experience Golden Ember Salon   Today we are checking in with Golden Ember Salon located right here on Wells St in Erie. Owner, Shannon Kennedy opened up this new salon in May of 2021. Golden ember is unique from other hair salons in that they customize each service personally to the client. They charge by […]
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Erie Businesses Experience Ageless Aesthetics Experience Ageless Aesthetics   Today on Experience Erie we had the chance to learn about Ageless Health and Aesthetics! This health and beauty clinic provides an inside out philosophy, where Dr. Judy Toney and her staff help their clients achieve a quality of life from the inside and outside. They offer tons of services from […]
Beauty Experience Salon Halcyon Experience Salon Halcyon   Today we are stepping into pure tranquility by checking out Salon Halcyon in Erie. This Salon, owned by the Robert’s family is one of a kind salon, where they focus on the customer experience and ensure pure relaxation and pampering. Salon Halcyon is special as they offer scalp massages, cookies, and […]
Beauty Experience Woodward Barbershop Experience Woodward Barbershop   Hey Erie! Let’s get a ‘cut’ of Woodward Barbershop today! Tony Gambee, the owner, is proud to bring a modern, yet classic barbershop to downtown Erie. Woodward Barbershop boasts great people, professional barbers, fresh haircuts, and quality products! This is an easy-going barbershop with good vibes, where customers and businesses can […]
Beauty Experience Erie with Maddie’s Bows Experience Erie with Maddie’s Bows   Today we have the honor of meeting with Lauren McDaniel, owner of Maddie’s Bow’s and mother of Madeleine McDaniel who tragically passed away at 5 weeks old from SIDS. After their weeks of grief and all the kindness and outpouring of love they received, the McDaniel’s decided to do […]
Erie Businesses Experience Fitness Underground Experience Fitness Underground   Today we are going “underground” to check out Ashley Archer Marks, owner and head trainer of this boutique-style gym in Erie. Fitness Underground opened in March of 2020, with in-person classes starting in November. They offer group setting workouts and small group personal training. From full-body to HIIT, to strength training, […]
Education Experience Erie with Wild Sun Experience Erie with Wild Sun   Today on Experience Erie, let’s check out Wild Sun Behavioral Services, LLC, a behavior therapy practice in downtown Erie. They offer both clinic-based services as well as in-home therapy. Wild Sun specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and early intervention therapy for children of all ages and into adulthood. […]
Erie Businesses Experience Solace Counseling Experience Solace Counseling   Hey Erie, today we are taking a special look at Solace Counseling. A clinic of certified therapists in Erie that provide a range of help, from individual/couples therapy to substance abuse, adolescent, and trauma help, Amanda Wurst and her team provide excellent mental health care. One in five people struggle with […]
Erie Businesses Experience Erie with Wurth Chiropractic Experience Erie with Wurth Chiropractic   Hey Erie! This week we take a look at Wurth Chiropractic. Wurth Chiropractic is patient-centered, evidence-informed chiropractic care, owned by Zach Wurth and Bynn Lay, who met at Palmer College at orientation. They came to Erie and immediately felt the small, midwest town feel. The close, tight-knit community really […]
Beauty Experience Erie with Escape Uptown Salon and Spa Experience Erie with Escape Uptown Salon and Spa   This week with Experience Erie we are featuring Escape Uptown Salon and Spa, a salon and spa right here in town. Stephanie and Kelly opened the salon with a few things in mind; Skill, Family, and Fun! What makes this salon unique is the girls have […]
Erie Businesses Experience Erie with Joyful Spirit Massage Experience Erie with Joyful Spirit Massage   Erie…Are you in need of a massage? Janette Elder, the owner of Joyful Spirit Massage Therapy has been practicing Massage Therapy for over 20 years. She opened a home office in 2018 because she wanted to support the Erie Community, as there’s a huge need for massage therapy […]
Beauty Experience Erie with Poppybox Experience Erie with Poppybox   Hi Erie! Let’s Welcome Poppybox, an online boutique based in Erie, owned by Sarah Campbell! It’s about time to start shopping for summer clothes. The malls aren’t open yet and online shopping is trendy anyway…so check out Poppybox, an adorable online boutique. If you are looking for cute & stylish, […]
Erie Businesses Experience Erie with Live Your Life Integrated Health & Chiropractic Experience Erie with Live Your Life Integrated Health & Chiropractic   Hey Erie! Are you interested in living your life to the fullest? At Live Your Life Chiropractic in Erie, Dr. Samantha Boldt DC and her team are focused on exactly that, living your life to the fullest! Dr. Sam has been working in Erie […]