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Experience Solace Counseling

Experience Solace Counseling


Hey Erie, today we are taking a special look at Solace Counseling. A clinic of certified therapists in Erie that provide a range of help, from individual/couples therapy to substance abuse, adolescent, and trauma help, Amanda Wurst and her team provide excellent mental health care. One in five people struggle with mental health, and Solace Counseling wants to end the stigma and provide a resource for people to be able to come and talk about what is going on in their lives. You don’t even have to have a reason to come in, these experts can help guide you to the mental health goal you want to achieve. It is important that we have a place like this in Erie for our community, as it is a local place to come and talk with a therapist as opposed to having to travel out of town to see someone. Amanda and her therapists use theoretical orientations and evidence-based practices to help their patients. They also accept major insurance companies, making it easier and more affordable for people to get the care they need. Let’s help end the stigma of mental health, it is important for everyone to have a safe and comfortable place to go to talk about life stressors. Solace Counseling is OPEN, providing telehealth services, and accepting new clients. Contact them today!


Solace Counseling

Amanda Wurst, LCSW, Owner
671 Mitchell Way, Suite 116, Erie, CO 80516

Ph: (720) 520-2090 |

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IG- solace.counseling.of.erie